Revisiting the Past

Here it is - my life since 4th year high school. I didn’t even realize that I’ve kept things this many from the past. I’m glad I did though. It was fun reading my old diaries and realizing how naive I was. :) All the memories that I made with all my friends suddenly flashed back. What could have happened to me if my past had not been like that? My present could have been better…or worse! I’m perfectly contented with who I am and what I have now. Wouldn’t change it for the world!

My 4th year Library Card was hidden under the box above. :)I looked at it and it was empty! Haha! 

Some presents for my 18th birthday and Stitch from high school. The cute Stitch stuffed toy is from my high school friend. It was a parting gift I guess. :)

I collected papers too! Vouchers from my Research class (pale orange, right). Meal tickets from the contests that I joined back in high school (dark orange, blue, right). Certificate of Appreciation from my friend Mami (left). Name tags of stuffed toys given to me (white, right). 

Note: I don’t have any of the stuffed toys anymore other than Stitch. 

A thank you letter from Mami.

That is the knife that we borrowed at Greenwich to cut the cake for my 18th birthday. We kinda brought it home with us. haha! 

Some memories are really worth keeping. :)